Consulting Services

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Creative Metier’s approach to consulting is collaborative, solution-focused and respectful. Recommendations are based on careful diagnosis, recognition of organisational strengths and the identification of practical ways forward that genuinely address organisational needs.

Consultancy assignments generally begin with in-depth conversations with the CEO, senior team and key organisational stakeholders. Recommendations will then be made as to appropriate diagnostics to fully understand the situation and proposed work to be carried out.

Examples of consultancy assignments include:

  • Working with an incoming CEO who was commissioned to undertake a significant organisation review and restructuring. Creative Metier involvement included Executive Coaching; governance review; advice on role descriptions and organisation structure; Career Development Diagnostics with the senior team; a Leadership Development Programme for the senior team and those reporting to them; and specific engagement in one country context to address strategic HR challenges
  • Undertaking a review of CEO development needs across a multi-country organisation to understand the capacity of the network to deliver its plans for growth. This was followed by recommendations for recruitment, retention and staff development.
  • Reviewing the delivery capacity of an organisation which was experiencing high staff turn-over in a challenging labour market. Recommendations were made on the immediate actions required to improve retention, including clarification of reporting lines, delegation of responsibilities and redefinition of some roles.