Leadership Development Programmes

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Creative Metier’s bespoke programmes are designed to build practical leadership and management skills in specific areas identified as strategically important for our clients. Programmes draw on detailed needs analyses for the target participant population and are designed to integrate with existing resources, training provision and organisational processes.

Our programmes often make use of our Executive Coaching, 360º Feedback Survey or Team Effectiveness Survey to embed learning over an extended period. A range of evaluation options are available to meet budgetary and reporting requirements.

Some examples of the types of programmes we run are given below.

Leadership programmes for specific populations:

  • CEOs and/or Regional Directors
  • Senior teams
  • Women leaders
  • Line-managers
  • Team building

Competence focused programmes:

  • Strategic leadership
  • Building a coaching culture
  • Succession planning
  • Developing and retaining staff
  • Effective performance management
  • Collaborative decision-making
  • Managing change

We also run remote programmes to train professional Executive Coaches and in–company and cross- company Mentors with varying levels of previous experience, who are delivering internal mentoring programmes.
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