Tools and resources

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Through our work with organisations globally we have developed a set of tools to support our consulting, programmes and coaching services. All tools can be fully tailored to meet the demographic, geographic and industry context of your organisation and delivered via online and paper-based processes.

Staff Engagement Survey

Our Staff Engagement Survey can be delivered across a global network or specifically tailored to diagnose challenges in an organisation or country operation. The survey provides decision makers with information to identify key workforce risks and prioritise interventions.

360 Feedback Survey

The 360º Feedback Survey enables leaders to nominate colleagues, stakeholders and/or reports to provide structured feedback on their performance against a set of competencies. Each participant receives a personalised feedback summary report and call with a member of our coaching team to identify areas of strength and those for development and to set objectives for any further leadership development support.

The survey is often integrated into our leadership programmes for specific participants or groups of participants and the results inform the programme design and evaluation processes. The survey content can be based either on our best-practice set of senior leader competencies for financial organisations or development agencies, or tailored to fit your existing competency framework. Summary information can be supplied to HR stakeholders as required.

HR Diagnostic

The HR Diagnostic Survey obtains feedback from an agreed group of staff members regarding the status of the different elements of an organisation’s strategic HR capability. The Diagnostic identifies gaps or inconsistencies in provision and can be used alongside the Staff Engagement Survey to identify system or process related causes of staff engagement challenges.

Team Effectiveness Survey

The Team Effectiveness Survey enables team members to provide confidential feedback about their team against a best-practice set of characteristics demonstrated by high performing teams. The team leader receives a report of the detailed findings and summary data is made available for presentation to the team and integration into subsequent team building workshops.

Remote Executive Coaching software – v-interactive®

Research demonstrates that Executive Coaching clients often see the coaching session as the main point of intervention, doing little work between meetings and often only thinking about the coaching objectives immediately before each session. Creative Metier takes a different approach.

Our unique v-interactive® online software guides users through a structured programme of interactive exercises to support reflective learning, planning and decision-making between coaching sessions. Individuals lead the coaching conversation and take responsibility for their progress. The software is accessible wherever there is online access and a broadband connection. The user’s work is stored in a secure, private personal account and can be accessed at any time.

The v-interactive® software is available in two versions to support new-in-role “100 days” or longer term career related Executive Coaching programmes.