Creative Metier publishes 2016 Governance Study

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Creative Metier publishes 2016 Governance Study

21st September 2016

Achieving good governance is an ongoing process that requires long term vision, it provides the framework to achieve accountability, make informed strategic decisions, manage risks and maintain the organisation’s health. Good governance provides incentives for the Board and management to pursue objectives that are in the interests of the organisation and its stakeholders. The presence of an effective governance system helps to provide the degree of confidence necessary for the correct functioning of an organisation to deliver its long term success.

As operating environments have become increasingly complex and interconnected, good governance has become increasingly important. Governance failures can have catastrophic consequences for organisational viability, reputation and delivery of services to clients or beneficiaries. Weak governance and poor risk management can seriously undermine an organisation and even threaten to overwhelm an entire sector. Organisations that serve low income or vulnerable clients have a particular duty of care to ensure they actively manage their risk profile, with the improvement and adoption of rigorous standards of governance being a central element of this.

Governance is at the heart of what goes right and wrong in any enterprise. Governance is not acknowledged enough when it works well, but it is put under the spotlight when an organisation fails dramatically.

Creative Metier undertook the 2016 governance study, carrying out a series of conversations with fourteen senior executives from eleven organisations across the social and economic development space, study to explore governance challenges from the perspective of key stakeholders in the economic and social development sector. The focus of the study was to gather candid reflections on the governance challenges that the organisations we work with regularly face; to update our understanding of the most pressing issues; and to share insights on possible solutions with a wider audience.

The study, titled “Expectations and Reality: Emerging Practice and the Roles of the Board and CEO in Effective Governance” explored a number of key areas.  To gain an understanding of current thinking we asked what leaders’ perceptions of good governance are, and what do they require from their Boards.  We explored what good governance looks like in practice, from Board operations to technical governance and also the relationships between the Board and the CEO.  We identified a number of challenges and opportunities for both the Board and the Executive gathering key recommendations to make a difference at each stage.

The key recommendations are clearly laid out and offer a quick thought provoking guide as to how governance can be made more robust and real life examples from senior executives demonstrate today’s approach.

Creative Metier offers support in the following areas:

  • Governance audit and diagnostic
  • Board and committee roles and responsibilities development including codes of conduct
  • Confidential sounding Board and trusted advisor to CEO or Chair
  • Director and executive management recruitment support and orientation programmes
  • Bespoke and confidential external board assessments
  • Board and management alignment
  • Board skills development workshops

If you are having governance challenges, or simply want to find out more then read the full report here

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