Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion

Creative Metier is committed to working across the finance sector at global and regional levels to widen financial inclusion. The aim of our work with financial organisations, service providers to the sector, industry bodies and regional donor programmes is to substantially increase the impact of their work.

Creative Metier conducts advocacy at global and regional fora to raise awareness of the critical role of strategic HR in the development of sustainable organisations.

Addressing industry-wide challenges

Organisations committed to expanding financial inclusion often face challenges around achieving growth, balancing sustainability with serving the poorest clients, implementing radically new services and leveraging technological change. We develop organisational, strategic HR and staff capability to widen access to financial services for people living in poverty.

Creative Metier’s research suggests that CEOs spend a considerable amount of their working and thinking time on these “people” related challenges, and our resources and approaches provide organisations with practical and viable ways of resolving them. However there appears to be little discussion in public fora about management, leadership and “people” issues. Creative Metier is seeking to change this through its advocacy work.

Many organisations are recognising the need for strategic HR and leadership development as a critical element in achieving results. In these cases Creative Metier may be involved in discussions about strategic resourcing as part of the organisations’ overall planning process.

Other organisations come to Creative Metier having identified specific urgent issues such as:

  • In larger microfinance banks, high staff turnover at senior or middle management levels or amongst credit officers
  • In mainstream banks, the failure of a new strategy to serve women clients because of the culture change and differences in behaviour and approach that are required to effectively serve the new market segment

Identifying and addressing organisational vulnerabilities

Our Strategic HR Review identifies organisational strengths and vulnerabilities and in collaboration with staff, develops a clear action plan to address these. Typical challenges which are identified and addressed include:

  • Capacity to innovate,  and to design and implement new products and services
  • Staff recruitment and retention in competitive labour markets
  • Building senior team capacity and succession planning
  • The need to strengthen core HR processes

Building services markets

Creative Metier works with a wide variety of market actors, including service providers to the sector, regulators and professional bodies, to build sustainable and agile organisations to contribute to the sector’s overall growth. This includes provision of organisation development and strategic HR support to technical consultancies, networks and service providers, and the transfer of knowledge, skills and business experience to HR consultancies, Executive Coaching networks and leadership development firms to extend service provision in specific markets.

Understanding organisational “absorptive capacity”

Through our work with organisations over many years, Creative Metier has observed that investments in new products or systems often do not yield the full return expected by the organisations, board or investors. Creative Metier has developed a model to understand an organisation’s “absorptive capacity” or its ability to implement sustainable change at a particular point in time.

Where there is insufficient “absorptive capacity” the organisation will require substantially more investment in resources and ongoing support to achieve the desired change. The absorptive capacity of an organisation depends in part on the leadership capacity within the organisation, and can be built through the provision of tailored support to prime the organisation to successfully implement change.

How we work

Creative Metier works with financial organisations, networks and international development agencies to build the human and organisational capacity required to achieve their strategic objectives. Creative Metier is a trusted strategic thinking partner for senior leaders committed to achieving transformative social impact.

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Our team

Our highly talented and ethically committed consultants, facilitators and Executive Coaches have expertise across the organisational development, strategic HR and leadership development sphere in both the financial and international development sectors. The team is absolutely committed to the long term development and sustainability of the organisations in which it works.

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