International Development

International Development

Development organisations need agile and responsive leaders and teams that are able to innovate and effectively respond to changing donor and beneficiary environments and achieve impact and scale through partner relationships.

Creative Metier works with development agencies at global and country levels to identify and resolve critical strategic HR challenges and build sustainable leadership capacity.

Strategic HR Review

Our Strategic HR Review identifies organisational strengths and vulnerabilities and in collaboration with staff, develops a clear action plan to address these. Typical challenges which are identified and addressed include:

  • Capacity to innovate, and to design and implement services for beneficiaries
  • Staff recruitment and retention in competitive labour markets
  • Building senior team capacity and succession planning
  • The need to strengthen core HR processes

Understanding organisational capacity to deliver

Organisations frequently grow and change without reflecting on the impact that this has on their organisational structure, HR systems and staffing requirements. This can limit the organisation's capacity to deliver its strategic objectives. Roles develop, individual members of staff take on increasing levels of responsibility and workloads may increase significantly.

Organisations that have experienced (or are planning to undertake) significant expansion can benefit from an organisational review. This will indicate where structures or roles need to change, job descriptions need to be refined and, in some cases, where external recruitment is required. This process supports career development and retention, as staff become clearer about the contribution that they can best make to the organisation.

Localisation and capacity building

The prevalence of international staff at senior levels of organisations can pose a number of challenges with respect to the sustainability of the organisation; the risk of discontinuous leadership; high operating costs in some contexts; and the perception of career potential and hence retention of local national staff.

Creative Metier supports organisations to develop a controlled and transparent localisation process; to identify national members of staff with the potential to take on more senior roles; and to put the appropriate structures and development activities in place to build local national talent over a period of time.


Organisations seeking to decentralise decision-making need to proactively consider and clarify how resources and authority will shift, and ensure that staff and teams have the appropriate capacity to make the decisions now required of them.

Creative Metier works with leaders and their teams to understand the changes in roles that decentralisation requires. Our work develops common ways of working, rapidly orients staff to their new structure, and builds organisational effectiveness.

How we work

Creative Metier works with financial organisations, networks and international development agencies to build the human and organisational capacity required to achieve their strategic objectives. Creative Metier is a trusted strategic thinking partner for senior leaders committed to achieving transformative social impact.

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Our team

Our highly talented and ethically committed consultants, facilitators and Executive Coaches have expertise across the organisational development, strategic HR and leadership development sphere in both the financial and international development sectors. The team is absolutely committed to the long term development and sustainability of the organisations in which it works.

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