Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa

Creative Metier is committed to working with clients across the financial inclusion and development space to realise Africa’s economic potential and to enable individuals at every level of society to participate in the positive benefits of growth.

Our team has worked extensively with CEOs and senior leaders of financial organisations and international development agencies to support them to innovate and adapt to change, and to respond positively to political or economic volatility.

We are engaged in advocacy at the global and regional levels to raise the profile of strategic HR as a foundation of robust and sustainable organisations, and to support the agenda articulated by the African Management Initiative and others to address the critical need to build leadership capacity across the continent.

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How we work

Creative Metier works with financial organisations, networks and international development agencies to build the human and organisational capacity required to achieve their strategic objectives. Creative Metier is a trusted strategic thinking partner for senior leaders committed to achieving transformative social impact.

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Our team

Our highly talented and ethically committed consultants, facilitators and Executive Coaches have expertise across the organisational development, strategic HR and leadership development sphere in both the financial and international development sectors. The team is absolutely committed to the long term development and sustainability of the organisations in which it works.

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