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Good governance is critical to the effective delivery of strategic objectives. Creative Metier works with organisations and their Boards to develop strong governance structures and Board capacity supported by sound technical advice and documentation.

Implementing robust governance structures frees up time and energy to focus on the successful delivery of strategic objectives. We will support the organisation to implement rigorous accountability, sound decision-making, and clear roles and responsibilities.

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Effective human capital management drives organisational performance and the achievement of strategic objectives.  Creative Metier uses bespoke diagnostic tools to understand the client’s organisational strengths and vulnerabilities, implementing effective and appropriate HR structures and processes to underpin organisational growth and change.

Strategic HR ensures that HR functions are fully integrated into organisational strategy. We develop robust policies to attract, retain and develop staff in challenging contexts.

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Creative Metier has a deep understanding of the challenges of delivering ambitious and complex organisational strategies. We have drawn on this, and our specialist expertise in tailoring leadership to design “Leading for the Future”; delivering a sustainable improvement in business performance and bringing about a step change in the capacity of senior leadership.
Our programmes often integrate a range of tools and we offer follow on executive coaching for effective achievement of organisational and individual objectives.

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Executive coaching offers an effective approach to providing support for CEOs and senior leaders when and where they need it most. It enables leaders to identify and resolve their challenges and achieve rapid and measurable change.

Creative Metier has pioneered the delivery of remote executive coaching for senior leaders who are committed to delivering challenging objectives in the social and economic development space.  We carefully customise our approach to meet the needs and schedule of the individual.

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