Good governance is critical to the effective delivery of strategic objectives. Creative Metier works with organisations and their Boards to develop strong governance structures and Board capacity supported by sound technical advice and documentation.

Implementing robust governance structures frees up time and energy to focus on the successful delivery of strategic objectives. We will support the organisation to implement rigorous accountability, sound decision-making, and clear roles and responsibilities.


The Creative Metier Governance and Organisation Development teams work together to help CEOs and senior leaders to ensure that their governance structures enable efficient, ethical decision-making and accountability, always focused on beneficiaries and strategic objectives. Creative Metier offers a governance diagnostic, followed by highly tailored, fit-for-purpose structural recommendations, based both on best practice and the complexity of the organisation.


The real power of good governance structures comes when the right people make them work. Boards and Committees populated by people who do not have the right skills, or the right understanding of their responsibilities, create a high risk for the organisation, although this may not be immediately apparent. Creative Metier offers a sympathetic assessment of the skills and awareness demonstrated by Board members, Directors and advisers, and a programme for Board coaching and development. Combined with established expertise in senior recruitment and on-boarding support, Creative Metier can help build Boards and Committees that work productively together to achieve the organisation's aims.


Creative Metier works with organisations from the big picture to the fine detail. After the deeper structural work, it is essential to invest time and thought in the development of precise, clear documentation and processes, to ensure trouble-free "business as usual" working.  Creative Metier's expertly qualified team offers support with reviewing and drafting Articles of Association, constitutions, Terms of Reference, and codes of behaviour. Creative Metier provides support for realistic risk management, internal audit and control systems, compliance with regulatory regimes, smooth and efficient Board secretariats, and effective boardroom practice.

How we work

Creative Metier works with financial organisations, networks and international development agencies to build the human and organisational capacity required to achieve their strategic objectives. Creative Metier is a trusted strategic thinking partner for senior leaders committed to achieving transformative social impact.

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Our team

Our highly talented and ethically committed consultants, facilitators and Executive Coaches have expertise across the organisational development, strategic HR and leadership development sphere in both the financial and international development sectors. The team is absolutely committed to the long term development and sustainability of the organisations in which it works.

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