Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Creative Metier has a deep understanding of the challenges of delivering ambitious and complex organisational strategies. We have drawn on this, and our specialist expertise in tailoring leadership to design “Leading for the Future”; delivering a sustainable improvement in business performance and bringing about a step change in the capacity of senior leadership.
Our programmes often integrate a range of tools and we offer follow on executive coaching for effective achievement of organisational and individual objectives.

Building agile leadership

Agile leaders constantly manage the dynamic interface between the organisation’s external and internal operating environments to deliver their organisation’s purpose and strategy. The agile leader delivers above and beyond expectations, developing their staff and their organisation as an exciting and responsive context in which to grow and learn. Deeply integrated into the working environment, Creative Metier’s programmes are designed to meet the specific needs of its clients. Highly practical, engaging and interactive, they draw on the actual challenges that participants are facing. The Executive Coaching that follows many of our leadership workshops enables participants to apply what they have learned to achieve and exceed their objectives.

Capacity building and succession planning

Creative Metier has developed a systematic way to identify the type of role in which an individual can make their best contribution towards the success of the organisation. Our Career Development Diagnostic clarifies the types of decisions that the individual is comfortable making, and hence their current and potential ability to perform roles at different levels in the organisation as it grows and develops. The process seeks feedback from their managers and gives the organisation sight of staff potential and their development needs. The process is entirely supportive of the individual and supports systematic career development, capacity building and succession planning.

Leadership Development Programmes

Leadership programmes are a key element of our leadership development work. Programmes are designed to meet the specific needs of the participants and their operating context and often include longer term support such as Executive Coaching. They may also make use of our suite of tools including the 360º Feedback Survey.

A typical workshop programme might include understanding the strategic context, stakeholder mapping, understanding and addressing organisational vulnerabilities, understanding and developing the senior leadership team, developing a performance culture, managing performance, and delivering impact through participants’ own leadership roles.

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How we work

Creative Metier works with financial organisations, networks and international development agencies to build the human and organisational capacity required to achieve their strategic objectives. Creative Metier is a trusted strategic thinking partner for senior leaders committed to achieving transformative social impact.

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Our team

Our highly talented and ethically committed consultants, facilitators and Executive Coaches have expertise across the organisational development, strategic HR and leadership development sphere in both the financial and international development sectors. The team is absolutely committed to the long term development and sustainability of the organisations in which it works.

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