You’re Invited to the Creative Metier 4V Model Launch Event!

The 4V Model offers socially committed impact networks, and their funders, the opportunity to draw on our work with national, regional and global networks to significantly accelerate their impact.

4V provides a diagnostic, a 360 view and a fresh perspective to enable radical change.

We invite you to the event to hear the thoughts of Liz Wilson, Deputy CEO Small Foundation and Nicholas Colloff OBE, Executive Director Argidius Foundation on the role of networks to solve complex problems.

We will launch and explore 4V, and hear from Invest in Africa Kenya, FATE Foundation and Fairtrade West Africa Network about the transformational impact of implementing the model.

2.00pm – 3.30pm GMT

Tuesday 5 December 2023


Creative Metier 4V Model visual

Creative Metier works with networks, leaders and organisations to drive locally led, inclusive, systemic change.

Together, we power positive social and economic impact that is sustainable, and sustaining.

Complex challenges, navigated with certainty, so that people thrive and economies prosper.

Vibrant Networks

We work with locally led networks to unlock their potential to resolve complex social and economic challenges. Our work with local, regional and global networks aligns and focuses key stakeholders, deepens member engagement, and strengthens relationships to catalyse system level change that is sustainable and sustaining.

Solving complex issues

Inspiring Leaders

We work with socially committed leaders to deliver ambitious change in the most challenging contexts. We are strategic thought partners, facilitating an objective and future focussed conversation for action and impact. Our coaching and leadership programmes foster resilient, inclusive leaders who fulfil their own potential and inspire others to fulfil theirs.

Agents of change

Impactful Organisations

We work with ambitious, mission aligned organisations to underpin rapid growth, radical change or strategic pivot. Our strategic approach to building culture and capacity sets a pathway for organisations to be stronger, more agile and deliver impact in complex, rapidly changing social and economic landscapes.

Accelerating social and economic impact

Our Community

80+ countries

200+ organisations and networks

700+ coachees

900+ programme attendees

Work With Us

“It has been a privilege to work with you and your colleagues and to get your guidance at a crucial time in MicroMentor’s journey. The tools and support you provided each of us [through individual and team coaching] has been truly invaluable and timely, for us individually, and for our collective work, given the conditions of the world we are living in today.”

“My objective was to invest in these talented leaders. What made the difference is the effort that Creative Metier made to co-design the leadership programme with us… I found the Creative Metier team to be very thorough, very client oriented because they really focussed on trying to understand what we wanted, and then also flexible because they did not just sell their own ideas, they actually listened to what we wanted and adapted to that. Every single member of the Senior Leadership Team came to me on their own initiative, to say how wonderful they thought it was.”

“Previously we focussed on connecting Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) to larger corporates, but adopting a network approach, we realised that the SGBs could benefit from engagement with each other.  Through this work, we realised that by convening the right organisations and enabling them to collaborate while we step back, there is far greater impact, and that impact is cumulative. The impact on the businesses themselves has been tremendous; they are able to access more services and are driving their own collaborations within the network; we are seeing increased uptake of initiatives and activities and people keep coming back” 

“Working with Creative Metier has been an amazing experience. They have helped our leadership evaluate the way we lead and how we imagine the future of the organisation. They helped us think beyond our current situation and build programmes, structures and teams that can scale”

“I was really happy with the quality of what has been delivered from the in person training, both in actual content and in the quality of the facilitators; the depth that they bought is something that could not easily be replicated; the quality of facilitators and the coaches; the quality of what was presented and the process of working with the individual team; the flexibility in rethinking once COVID hit was highly appreciated. Whenever there was something I needed I could input; the whole process was collaborative”

“To summarise, metaphorically speaking, let’s take an orchestra for example, we have moved from trying to play all the instruments to bring some kind of melodies or music, to actually being the orchestra conductor. So, our role now is to ensure all members are given a position to bring out their strengths, it’s also to coordinate that all key areas have the right players in place. It’s being a central point of communication, it’s coordinating the connectivity and synergy between members. And for sure together, we have a nicer network value and impact over the last two years that we’ve been working with Creative Metier.”

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