Announcing Creative Metier Action Research to Accelerate Network Impact in West Africa

2021-12-15T20:01:02+00:0023rd June 2021|

Locally led impact networks can play a critical role in strengthening business ecosystems by bringing their members together to address complex systemic challenges. In rural sub-Saharan Africa, impact networks have the potential to deliver significant impact by aligning key stakeholders who are committed to strengthening financial systems and resources, and increasing the income-generating opportunities needed to improve lives along every step of their respective value chains. We are pleased to announce that we are [...]

Creative Metier Seeks a Project and Communications Coordinator – Global

2021-12-15T17:32:38+00:001st June 2021|

Creative Metier are seeking a highly motivated and ambitious person to join our team as Project and Communications Coordinator – Global, based in Nairobi. The objective of the role is to ensure effective and efficient coordination of Creative Metier’s projects and to support communications as part of the wider Creative Metier team. You will also have an opportunity to contribute to Creative Metier’s strategy and build relationships with the networks and people we work [...]

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