The innovative Creative Metier 4V Model Diagnostic Tool provides you, and the networks you support, an exciting opportunity to assess network health, and identify priority efforts to make or secure investment.
The Diagnostic Tool provides insights across four thematic areas: Vitality, Visibility, Vibrancy and Viability. Funders can apply insights as a catalyst for action, enabling informed decisions and the evolution of collaborative strategies.

“The first thing that my mind goes to is the mindset shift from applying the approach. We were completely transformed in the way we think, in the way we see our network, our role and the role of members within the network. So we shifted our mindset and we have had a great culture shift as well. Our membership has grown more than twice in number. We are now at over 5,000 members who are engaged. So if you talk about vitality, we are now within our purpose, not just being driven by Invest in Africa. We have had such great reach and impact because of collaborations.”

Terry Kinyua, Country Manager, Invest in Africa – Kenya

Apply the Diagnostic Tool at three levels:

  • Review your own network context as a funder, including partners and peers, to accelerate advocacy, policy, and systemic shifts
  • Bring network partners together to accelerate systemic change, foster a peer network for learning and collaboration
  • Support individual networks to review their work and improve network sustainability

Using the 4V Model Diagnostic Tool:

The Diagnostic Tool is structured to lead you and/or your partner networks through a reflective process for each thematic and focus area of the 4V Model. As an outcome you will have a clearer picture of critical goals and current position in relation to those goals to enable prioritisation and action.

Download and share the 4V Model Diagnostic Tool from the link below to your partner networks.

Download the Creative Metier 4V Model Diagnostic Tool here

Six ways to use the results:

  • Review your own findings to identify your critical priorities
  • Review the results individually to understand where each network is thriving, and where they could use support
  • Identify themes across your partners
  • Cocreate action plans with partners to address identified priorities
  • Review in workshops or group discussions to delve deeper to foster collective analysis and decision making for actionable strategies and enhanced collaboration
  • The Tool provides a snapshot of network partner health and priorities, repeat the process at regular intervals to evaluate network progress and respond to changing needs

We would be delighted to work with you and your partners to apply the 4V Model Diagnostic Tool. If you would like to find out more about how we can work together get in touch to arrange a call.

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