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Working with the Creative Metier 4V Model and the Creative Metier team offers socially committed impact networks, and their funders, the opportunity to significantly accelerate their impact by drawing on our work with national, regional and global networks.
4V provides a diagnostic, a 360 view and a fresh perspective to enable radical change. It enables you to:
  • Strengthen the most critical aspects of your work
  • Inform strategic planning
  • Identify and implement your network critical priorities
  • Review, refocus and stretch your thinking about what might be possible for your network

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“The work we have done together has been one of the best investments of time and resources that we have made this year”

Adenike Adeyemi, Executive Director, FATE Foundation

Take a fresh look at your operating environment

4V provides a fresh way for networks to look at their operating environment. It acknowledges the complexity and challenges they are facing and shines a light on critical focus areas to accelerate the achievement of their ambition.

Networks at any stage can begin a journey towards being ‘even stronger if… there is a clear core vision and purpose… they can achieve financial viability… their work is visible to stakeholders… members are inspired to action… collaboration is fostered through power shifting convening’.

We have observed that networks consistently face common challenges:

  • Planning and maintaining their strategic intention and direction
  • Meeting member needs
  • Resource mobilisation and balance in smaller teams
  • Financial stability and sustainability
  • Attracting and retaining staff
  • Governance structures
  • Visibility to the right audiences
  • Making visible and communicating achievements

The benefits and outcomes of 4V meet these challenges and more. Networks have:

  • Realigned their network to support a more strategic approach driven by strong member engagement and collaboration
  • Increased visibility to potential funders by demonstrating network impact
  • Clarified priorities to successfully pivot to a networks approach
  • Created high performing ecosystems driven by effective collaboration and leverage of network resources

Download the Creative Metier 4V Model Diagnostic Tool and get started accelerating your impact today

Transform network capacity to resolve complex social and economic challenges

We work with you as thought partners and facilitators to apply and implement 4V in your unique context. Our collaboration transforms the capacity of your network and ensures sustainability and impact for the future.

4V is delivered by experienced members of the Creative Metier team, who are passionate about working with impact networks to fulfill their potential and achieve transformational change. Each 4V programme is uniquely adapted for you and your context.

We work to apply and implement 4V in the following contexts:

Networks of impact networks

  • Draw on the 4V Model to address a specific focus area e.g. member engagement or power shifting convening
  • Deliver a 4V programme across your member networks to strengthen collective performance

Networks with regional, pan-regional or global goals

  • Apply 4V with global and regional network leadership to achieve a transformational shift in impact
  • Deep dive with an individual or cohort of member networks to strengthen individual network performance

Across network funders portfolios

  • Deliver a 4V programme across your partners to catalyse portfolio performance
  • Draw on the 4V Model to address a specific focus area across your partners e.g. the financial viability or funder dependence

“Through this networks approach we have been able to re-energise (member) relationships. We are re-engaging them constantly, and we are able to build a network which has a buzz ….We have been able to showcase more impact and to showcase it more intentionally”

Terry Kinyua, Country Manager, Invest in Africa – Kenya

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Hear from Terry Kinyua, Country Manager, Invest in Africa – Kenya about the transformational impact of implementing 4V:

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