Our Purpose

We partner with socially committed leaders to drive locally led, inclusive, systemic change, so that people thrive and economies prosper.

Our Story So Far

Creative Metier was founded in 2006 by Glynis and Andy Rankin. Their vision was to transform leadership development by using a coaching approach in a virtual setting. At the time, a groundbreaking approach that radically shifted access to coaching and equity in leadership development.

Since then, the focus has always been on working with leaders to catalyse progress, there have been distinct eras of Creative Metier’s evolution:

  • Working with leaders in the microfinance sector
  • Working deep and focusing on localisation in NGOs
  • Building the coaching market in Africa
  • Capacity building across the entrepreneurial support ecosystem
  • Making the untapped value of networks visible

Working with leaders globally and locally, with our impact geographically focused in MENA, sub-Saharan Africa, Central and South America, Central and South Asia remains the focus in our current era, with a deep commitment to shifting the funding paradigm, equitable governance structures, localisation of leadership and decision making.

We believe that through coaching skills we have the power to hear unheard voices, drive collaboration and equip leaders to resolve the existential challenges facing the world today.

Our Principles


Allies for change, moving forward together.


A force for good, making sense of today for a better tomorrow.


Embracing complexity, the most complex challenges navigated with certainty.


System level change that is sustainable and sustaining.


Working as equals, diverse expertise, leveraged globally and locally.

Our Approach

Creative Metier takes a radically different approach to consulting, an approach rooted firmly in the principles of coaching.

We work with governance and leadership, because we believe that the ripples of change effected here transforms organisations and networks.

We respect and leverage your knowledge, skills and experience, listening first and seeking to understand your true reality and what you seek to achieve. We step into a space of cocreation, forming sustainable solutions to fit your context and team.

We bring our own knowledge and expertise, but apply it only when and where necessary. We don’t bring a whole lot of one size fits all tools or frameworks that don’t quite work in your world!

We have learned and honed our approaches through our work with partners, globally. The result of this is that when we work together it feels like we are part of your team. The trusted partner who works with you to make the complex simple, to make achieving your purpose a reality.

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Meet the Team

Founder and CEO Glynis Rankin leads the team’s work with vibrant networks, inspiring leaders and impactful organisations to accelerate social and economic change globally.

Glynis has over 30 years of experience across leadership development, organisational strengthening and coaching in the international development, financial inclusion, entrepreneurial ecosystem and network development arenas. She is a strategic thought partner committed to enabling leaders to achieve their full potential and to address the complex challenges they face as their organisations change and grow.

She works to understand the uniqueness and complexity of each situation and leverages her deep experience to realise creative solutions for impact wherever she is engaged.

Jessica leads Creative Metier’s work with Inspiring Leaders and Impactful Organisations to generate positive social and economic change.

She works alongside our partners to build leadership capacity, navigate scale and embrace complex change in service of their missions. Over the past 20 years Jessica has garnered an immersive global experience with investors, their investees, organisations with a strong social mission and across global philanthropic organisations.

Jessica has a remarkable capacity to make the complex simple. She leverages this, alongside her development sector expertise to co-create the pathway forward. She enables partners to see the change, confidently step forward and succeed.

Ellie leads our coaching delivery and facilitation of coaching skills development programmes. She brings over 20 years of experience from performance sport, the military and as an entrepreneur, and is a qualified business and leadership coach.

She has deep experience working across diverse entrepreneurial support organisations, equipping them with coaching skills and developing coaching cultures to increase the impact of their work with entrepreneurs.

She designs and delivers innovative coaching skills training globally, and facilitates conversations to surface and resolve challenging situations. She is responsible for coaching quality assurance across coaching programmes and delivery at Creative Metier.

Lilian is the Network Engagement Lead at Creative Metier. Her focus is on building relationships that encourage collaboration and impactful problem solving.

Lilian has worked on social and economic impact projects in several Sub-Saharan Africa countries and brings to the team extensive experience in community building, stakeholder engagement, programme coordination, and monitoring and evaluation.

Sue leads business and delivery support across Creative Metier and is the person to contact when you want to connect with any member of the team.

She enables the team to deliver with confidence. She coordinates and manages the varied elements which contribute to the impactful delivery of our work.

Sue has extensive professional experience in human resource management and operations. She leverages this experience to lead our internal operations, ensuring that our processes and practices underpin delivery excellence.

Sue works globally with networks, leaders and organisations to meet team and partner needs.

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