The systemic challenges humanity faces today are too complex for any one part of an ecosystem to address on its own. Bringing people and organisations together to collaborate around a shared vision or purpose, through impact networks, creates scale and enhances impact, increasing the likelihood of successfully generating sustainable and contextually appropriate solutions to these challenges.

Between April 2019 and July 2022 Creative Metier, supported by Small Foundation and drawing on a Converge networks approach, worked with diverse, locally led African networks impacting the rural entrepreneurial ecosystem to explore the potential impact of implementing a networks approach.

Our research demonstrates that locally led networks, grounded in their context, and with an increasingly wide reach, have significant potential to evolve practical and sustainable solutions to complex issues.

Our findings are relevant to you if you are:

  • Supporting global, regional, or local impact networks to effect sustainable systemic change
  • Seeking to support locally led networks to increase their social impact
  • Leading the African networks that are so pivotal to realising progress against the most complex challenges the continent faces today

Read the full report here: Africa Networks: Vibrant, Viable, Visible

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