Critical Moments of Change Explained

2023-07-10T12:57:15+01:0021st June 2023|

At Creative Metier, our mission is to provide support to socially driven leaders and their teams during critical moments of change. In this post, we explore the importance of supporting organisations during these pivotal periods and shed light on what we view as a critical moment of change. We believe that by partnering with Creative Metier, leaders and their teams can navigate challenges with clarity, confidence, and cohesion, mitigating risks and ensuring the continuity [...]

Afghan NGO Case Study: Building Capacity of Local Leadership

2023-07-10T12:55:15+01:008th February 2023|

We have recently been reviewing the long term impact of our work and the way in which work carried out some years ago is still impacting in the present. In 2010 Creative Metier began a collaboration with an international NGO in Afghanistan to carefully and systematically build the capacity of its Afghan staff. This work, alongside careful implementation over ten years by the local team transformed their resilience and ability to continue their work [...]

Fostering Entrepreneurial Resilience Through a Coaching Approach to Enterprise Support: Chris Odongo, Wylde International

2023-06-21T12:06:36+01:005th October 2022|

In this interview, Creative Metier's Jessica Stewart speaks to Chris Odongo, CEO Wylde International about how our work equipped the Wylde International leadership team to scale their coaching offering and reach more entrepreneurs.  He also discusses how documenting the unique Wylde coaching and advisory method enabled training of more team members and how coaching contributes to enterprise resilience. Chris Odongo, CEO Wylde International Chris Odongo has over 22 years [...]

Organisational Strengthening and Founder CEO Transition: Alexandra Salas, CEO Bpeace

2023-06-25T13:45:18+01:0028th September 2022|

In this excellent interview, Creative Metier’s Jessica Stewart speaks to Alexandra Salas, CEO Bpeace, about our work to support organisational design and CEO transition. In this interview, Alexandra shares how the work with Creative Metier built the foundations to attract and retain talent to a rapidly scaling organisation, and created the clarity to secure a successful Founder CEO transition. Alexandra Salas, CEO Bpeace Alexandra leads Bpeace’s fast growing global [...]

Fostering Entrepreneurial Resilience Through a Coaching Approach to Enterprise Support: Alexandra Salas, CEO Bpeace (Part 1)

2023-06-21T11:03:33+01:0021st September 2022|

In this inspiring interview, Creative Metier's Jessica Stewart speaks to Alexandra Salas, CEO Bpeace about our work building the coaching skills of the Bpeace team. In this first part of the interview, Alexandra shares the reasons why Bpeace connected with Creative Metier to support the Bpeace team to deepen their relationships with the entrepreneurs they work with. How their participation in the project prompted a wider review of Bpeace's organisational practices and the impact [...]

Supporting CEO Transition and Organisational Growth

2022-07-21T08:16:48+01:0012th July 2022|

In 2016 Creative Metier were engaged by a family led, Africa focussed impact investor to support a strategy refresh, Founder CEO transition, and team expansion. Our work together over the past six years has enabled the clear roles to be put in place, with the right people supported into those roles, and careful work to set and maintain an organisational culture appropriate for the complexity of the context and strategic ambitions of the organisation. [...]

Coaching Impact Series: MicroMentor

2022-03-02T14:42:01+00:0024th February 2022|

Welcome to the first in our Coaching Impact Series interviews, a podcast series exploring the impact of our coaching work with entrepreneurial support organisations. In this interview Creative Metier Impact Area Lead Jessica Stewart interviews MicroMentor Executive Director Anita Ramachandran to uncover the impact of the Argidius funded coaching and coaching skills workshops that Creative Metier delivered throughout the Covid pandemic.  Anita shares how the coaching enabled her to align her own role with [...]

Interview Series: Kevin Moorhead

2023-06-27T10:11:24+01:0019th February 2019|

CEO transition support – how getting it right can make the difference At Creative Metier we believe strongly that formalising CEO transition support can reduce the risk to the programme, its funders and ultimately secure the quality and continuity of delivery to beneficiaries. Dedicated support through coaching and working sessions dramatically reduces the time taken for an incoming CEO to get up to speed, and ensures that more complex strategic and environmental considerations and [...]

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