We work with founders, CEOs and leadership teams to:
Thrive during leadership transitions. Create certainty, communicate clearly and build a cohesive and supportive team.
Set a vision for success, clarify contributions, build stakeholder relationships and navigate challenges with ease. See change as an opportunity to redefine and deepen purpose.

“[The impact of the CEO transition coaching] helped me to prepare to come in to the role with a realistic perception of the situation, with a realistic pan for my first six to twelve months, and high level plans beyond that. My sessions with Glynis were invaluable. By the time I hit the ground in East Africa, I had a lot of thinking already in place. I had a good idea where I wanted to focus, and what to do, I asked the right questions, matched the reality to the vision and then it was about implementation.”

Kevin Moorhead

Proactive and panic free Founder, CEO and leadership transition

We specialise in supporting organisations through CEO and leadership transitions, including:

CEO Transition: We provide structured coaching and workshops for outgoing and incoming CEOs, ensuring a smooth handover and a clear vision for success.

Miracle CEO: Our experienced coaches and consultants help CEOs navigate complex challenges, from incomplete teams to funding crises, enabling them to define strategic actions and build empowered teams.

Founder Transition: We assist organisations during founder transitions, ensuring smooth knowledge transfer, redefining roles, and building capacity within the senior team.

Leadership Team Transition: We support CEOs in delegating core functions to a capable leadership team, clarifying roles, and fostering the team’s growth and collaboration.

Board Evolution: We help boards evolve to meet future governance needs, ensuring effective strategic oversight and supporting the CEO’s success.

External Crisis: Our solutions focused coaching approach guides leaders through crises, enabling clarity, immediate action, and sustainable solutions.

Radical Growth or Strategic Shift: We assist organisations in shaping their future by defining roles, building strong leadership teams, and refreshing the board to support strategic changes.

Our Approach

At Creative Metier, we have honed our approach to supporting organisations during critical moments of change. Our team possesses unique superpowers that empower leaders and their teams to navigate challenges effectively:

Building trust: Trust is the foundation of effective leadership. We foster trust within organisations, enabling open and honest communication.

Honouring your reality: We acknowledge and understand the unique circumstances and challenges that each leader faces, tailoring our support accordingly.

Cutting through complexity: We excel at simplifying complex situations, helping leaders and organisations identify clear paths forward amidst uncertainty and ambiguity.

Creating alignment: We facilitate alignment within leadership teams and across the organisation, ensuring everyone is working towards shared goals.

Enabling action: We empower leaders and their teams to translate insights and strategies into tangible actions that drive positive change.

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Clear direction

Confident transition

Cohesive team

Impact secured

Risk managed

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