Creative Metier have been engaged by Small Foundation to conduct research into the potential of impact networks to address complex systemic issues in sub-Saharan Africa, and to test and adapt a “networks approach” framework developed by Converge.

The initial stages of the research have focussed on identifying the potential and the challenges facing the research participants. This phase also explored the opportunities that adopting a “networks approach” presents to expand on the potential and resolve the challenges. The research so far demonstrates both the (often hidden) potential of locally led multi stakeholder networks to address complex ecosystem level issues, and the challenges and barriers that they face to realising the impact that they seek to create.

These summary thoughts are drawn from two SKOLL World Forum Ecosystem sessions, including the thoughts and reflections of the attendees. The session was designed to draw on attendee experiences and perspectives, to critique and/or validate the research findings, and to contribute to our emergent thinking as the research progresses. A session is available for viewing

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