Welcome to the Funder Dialogue series, where we hear insights directly from funders and observers of the funder landscape.

Dr Douglas Ouma, BSc, MPhil, MBA, PhD

Dr Douglas Ouma is an African development professional, environmentalist and founder of Retouch Africa Consulting (RAI). Douglas has been deeply involved in policy work in Africa, spanning policy analysis, design and evaluation and facilitating high level policy discourse. Douglas consults on institutional development, strategy development, policy analysis and design, programs management and capacity improvements for the Africa Union and it is with this experience that he shares his observations on the African funder landscape.

Douglas shares insights into the African Union’s 50 year development plan

Douglas shares his observations on the trends he is seeing across African funding

You have said that donors have shifted from grants, to their funding being seen as investments or mission aid? Can you say more about this?

Can you share your observations on how funders are also including elements of technical assistance?

What role do you think networks have in contributing to the African Union’s vision?

We often see grants being given to an organisation without a request for proposals from other organisations. Can you share your thoughts on this?

Can you share your thoughts on networks and competitors who have previously been competitors forming collaborations and alliances for joint funding bids?