Engaging HR Leaders in Digital Learning: A Market Scan

Effective strategic HR, enables FSPs to implement the culture, systems and behaviors to deliver their strategic objectives, including those around financial inclusion. Institutions committed to working in financial inclusion have specific HR requirements relating to culture, behaviours and reward, and staff retention, which may present particular challenges for HR professionals.

An Insight Study by Creative Metier

Gateway Academy is a digital learning platform focused on building the human capital of Financial Service Providers (FSPs) working towards financial inclusion in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Gateway Academy is committed to financial inclusion, and the delivery of customer centric services to underbanked populations. Recognizing that effective strategic HR management within FSPs is an essential component in achieving these objectives.

Gateway Academy has commissioned a market based analysis on the digital learning available to HR professionals in the financial inclusion sector across SSA. The study identifies sustainable and scalable digital learning mechanisms to build HR capacity at all levels, collaborating with, and supporting local and regional HR infrastructure and leveraging existing provision.

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