Collaborative, passionate, experienced.

The Creative Metier team are deeply committed to achieving our vision of people thriving in prospering economies.

Diverse expertise, leveraged for your impact.

Founder and CEO Glynis Rankin leads the team’s work with vibrant networks, inspiring leaders and impactful organisations to accelerate social and economic change globally.

Glynis has over 30 years of experience across leadership development, organisational strengthening and coaching in the international development, financial inclusion, entrepreneurial ecosystem and network development arenas. She is a strategic thought partner committed to enabling leaders to achieve their full potential and to address the complex challenges they face as their organisations change and grow.

She works to understand the uniqueness and complexity of each situation and leverages her deep experience to realise creative solutions for impact wherever she is engaged.

Tess delivers across the breadth of Creative Metier work with vibrant networks, inspiring leaders and impactful organisations. She has engaged in our work on effective networks practice across Africa from the outset, accelerating impact and unlocking social change. Tess plays a lead role in delivery of our networks practice

She has worked across African entrepreneurial support organisations, delivering coaching skills, developing coaching cultures and supporting organisations to navigate crises with confidence.

Tess is a highly experienced coach, consultant and facilitator. She brings strong corporate, leadership and governance expertise, leveraging these with our partners, providing a strategic sounding board for leaders to achieve ambitious objectives.

Jessica leads Creative Metier’s work with Inspiring Leaders and Impactful Organisations to generate positive social and economic change.

She works alongside our partners to build leadership capacity, navigate scale and embrace complex change in service of their missions. Over the past 20 years Jessica has garnered an immersive global experience with investors, their investees, organisations with a strong social mission and across global philanthropic organisations.

Jessica has a remarkable capacity to make the complex simple. She leverages this, alongside her development sector expertise to co-create the pathway forward. She enables partners to see the change, confidently step forward and succeed.

Maureen project manages delivery across our work with socially driven global, regional and local networks. She administers regional and pan-African convenings bringing networks together to provide unique opportunities to increase their visibility, and to measure and accelerate their impact.

She is passionate and dynamic, and curates her extensive experience in project management and public relations across our network partners to support system level change that is sustainable and sustaining.

Maureen manages our communication of the outcomes and impact of our network engagements, increasing the visibility of the contribution to social and economic change that locally led networks make.

Ellie leads our coaching delivery and facilitation of coaching skills development programmes. She brings over 20 years of experience from performance sport, the military and as an entrepreneur, and is a qualified business and leadership coach.

She has deep experience working across diverse entrepreneurial support organisations, equipping them with coaching skills and developing coaching cultures to increase the impact of their work with entrepreneurs.

She designs and delivers innovative coaching skills training globally, and facilitates conversations to surface and resolve challenging situations. She is responsible for coaching quality assurance across coaching programmes and delivery at Creative Metier.

Sue leads business and delivery support across Creative Metier and is the person to contact when you want to connect with any member of the team.

She enables the team to deliver with confidence. She coordinates and manages the varied elements which contribute to the impactful delivery of our work.

Sue has extensive professional experience in human resource management and operations. She leverages this experience to lead our internal operations, ensuring that our processes and practices underpin delivery excellence.

Sue works globally with networks, leaders and organisations to meet team and partner needs.

Founder and former Country Director of Invest in Africa, Kenya, Wangechi is a strategic advisor to Creative Metier’s work with locally led impact networks to unlock their potential to resolve complex social economic challenges. She is currently developing the Creative Metier strategy for working with local, regional and global networks to align and focus key stakeholders, deepen member engagement, and strengthen relationships to catalyse system level change that is sustaining and sustainable.

Wangechi is based in Nairobi and brings 20 years cross industry experience including a key role with the Kenya Institute of Management.

Fiona contributes to our vibrant networks work, ensuring networks have access to the latest thinking on network practice to deepen member engagement, that they grow and thrive through a sub-Saharan Africa network of networks and have access to options for sustainable business models.  Fiona also leads on the application of impact measurement and management (IMM) tools to demonstrate network impact.

Earlier roles with Creative Metier include support for the Coaching Programme for Financial Sector CEOs, and oversight of Creative Metier’s programme for Kenyan small and growing businesses “Coaching to Transform Business Performance”, one of four winners of the Argidius/ANDE Talent Challenge in 2017. Fiona is also a certified coach.

Emilia Nunnari is a strategic advisor and fundraising professional with over 12 years’ experience in programme management, resource mobilisation, partnerships building and management and strategy development.

She joined the Creative Metier team to provide high quality support across the project cycle, donor intelligence and funding landscape mapping. Emilia has been engaged in the scoping of impact networks in Kenya and Uganda and global programme impact evaluation.

Based in London, Emilia holds a BSc in International Economics and an MSc in Development Economics from ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome. She is a certified project manager and proposal writer.

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