Welcome to the next in our Network Impact Insights series, in which we are exploring the work of networks which are impacting the rural entrepreneurial ecosystem in East and West Africa.

In this episode you will hear Creative Metier Senior Consultant, Fiona Nyong’o, in conversation with Edwin Zu-Cudjoe, Executive Director of Social Enterprise Ghana.

Edwin shares his thoughts on why using a network model works for the social enterprises that Social Enterprise Ghana serves. He explores some of the challenges the network has faced, and how working with Creative Metier has addressed some of these challenges. Also how membership has grown from 620 to 840 members as part of adopting a networks approach.

We hope you enjoy this conversation.

Edwin Zu-Cudjoe

Edwin Zu-Cudjoe is the Executive Director of Social Enterprise Ghana, the national network of over 800 social enterprises operating in Ghana. Edwin is the Founder of Social Farm Company Ltd, an agribusiness social enterprise in Ghana.

He has 14 years’ work experience in trade and investment promotion, training and business development having worked with Voltic, Vodafone, Glo and Ansa Systems Ltd in various senior management positions. He has a first degree from University of Ghana, Legon and an MBA in Global Business and Sustainability-Social Entrepreneurship from Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Milan. He is also a graduate in Msc Development Finance (SME Finance and FDI) from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi Ghana.

He is a strong advocate for policies that promote social and green businesses and inter-regional trade.