We work with leaders in mission aligned organisations to:
Successfully navigate rapid growth, radical change or strategic pivot. Build your culture and capacity to deliver systemic impact in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous social and economic contexts.
Foster resilient, agile and inclusive leaders who fulfil their own potential and inspire others to fulfil theirs. Resolve your complex challenges to realise ambitious external and internal change.

“The organisational design element was absolutely critical to set that foundation to have clarity, to have accountability, and to really be able to do good work. It also set the path for transition and transition is our heart. This collaboration around organisational design involved our co-founder CEO at the time, and me that was going to take that CEO position, it really helped us have that communication flow to the team”

Alexandra Salas, CEO, Bpeace

Resolve your most pressing organisational and leadership challenges

We work to understand your unique context, clarify your ambition and tailor our work together to catalyse a sustainable step change in impact. We look at governance, structure and culture as a whole to cocreate new ways forward. A trusted ally in achieving success as you evolve.

With you

  • Strategic thought partnership for rapid growth and scale
  • Build capacity and agility to deliver growth and change
  • Develop an inclusive leadership style to support innovation and social impact
  • Navigate founder and CEO transition and succession
  • Build agile thinking and personal resilience for impact

With your team

  • Free you and your team to achieve your strategic objectives
  • Build cultures that support resilience and agility
  • Clarify the roles and structures needed to deliver your strategy
  • Build a coaching style of delivery for impact
  • Foster an open and supportive coaching culture with colleagues and partners

With your Board

  • Develop effective governance frameworks, now and for the future
  • Clarify governance roles and contribution at CEO and Board level
  • Support the CEO and Board Chair to foster alignment
  • Manage challenging interactions for positive outcomes
  • Draw on thought partnership for Board Chair, CEO and Board members

Explore examples of our work

Founder/CEO Transition

The impact of our work to support Founder/CEO transition and strategy refresh over six years with a family led, Africa focussed impact investor was significant. The incoming CEO observed a culture shift, increased team cohesion, improved ways of working and communication across the team.

Securing Impact Through a Coaching Approach

This programme, funded by the Argidius Foundation across nine partners, showed that investing in coaching skills development in enterprise support organisations to enable them to engage with entrepreneurs with a coaching style led to increased entrepreneurial resilience and sustainability.

Coaching for Resilience and Agility

The impact of this programme, funded by the Argidius Foundation for 41 CEOs and senior leaders from fourteen partners, was more active, cost effective and impactful organisations, delivering impact for the enterprises they serve, alongside increased sustainability and capability to generate more funding for themselves.

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