We are delighted to announce that Glynis Rankin has joined Gannon Gillespie and Bradley Miles as Co-Chair of the Catalyst 2030 Shifting the Funding Paradigm Workgroup.

Shifting the Funding Paradigm (SFP) Workgroup

Established in January 2020 as part of Catalyst 2030, the Workgroup has the goal of using the power of collective action to achieve a new funding paradigm, where funding drives impact and is effective, sustainable, and embraces systems change

The Workgroup leverages the collective expertise of social innovators, funders, and network leaders worldwide and is dedicated to reshaping traditional funding models to better support organisations driving systemic change.

Since its inception, the workgroup has led initiatives to map existing funding systems, conduct in depth research, and develop innovative tools aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of funding for systemic change. The Workgroup facilitates connectivity and collective learning on a global scale by fostering a collaborative environment that encourages dialogue and cocreation.

Co-Chair Role

As Co-Chair, Glynis will work alongside Gannon Gillespie, supported by Ines Marques and the Catalyst team and a diverse group of thought leaders and change agents to explore novel approaches to grantmaking that prioritise flexibility and support for systemic change initiatives. Key to this is addressing root causes rather than alleviating symptoms, seeking to drive sustainable transformation and make the most pressing challenges visible.

Glynis Rankin:

“Working globally with inspirational proximate leaders over the years, I have seen just how much time and effort goes into raising funds, navigating donor relationships and managing team dynamics as projects come to and end. At the same time I see how much effort funders put into doing their very best for their investees and grantees. It is a realisation that so much more could be achieved, particularly through local leadership, if the current funding paradigm could shift that has bought me to the Workgroup and my role as Co-Chair.

My reasons for stepping into the Co-Chair role were really brought home to me over the past few weeks. Talking with inspirational local leaders of networks in sub-Saharan Africa, and with leaders of global networks, the conversations were uncannily similar. Each leader was struggling to run a network on project funding. They are unable to cover core costs, losing staff and unable to move forward with their brilliant plans for the future because they have not been able to attract the funding that they need to survive.

Together with my Workgroup colleagues, I look forward to advancing our collective efforts to redefine the way funding is allocated and utilised within the social sector. By fostering innovation, collaboration, and inclusivity, we aim to create a more equitable and impactful philanthropic landscape for generations to come.”

Gannon Gillespie:

“SFP is an amazing group that has inspired me across many dimensions – the concrete work it has done to put new tools in place, the welcoming spirit, and the innovative way it engages with such a wide range of people – from the grassroots to those in positions of privilege and power. When Glynis joined I quickly saw that her deep experience as a leader, a listener, and a learner, through the impressive work Creative Metier has accomplished, meant that we had an important new member of the group. It is a joy to work with her in co-chairing this group, in large part because she, like me, believes that our job is to help create a space for authentic voices of change and impact, and to help model the kind of values and relations we hope to see on every call we do.”

How to Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved in this work. Visit this page to explore them all.

Let Catalyst 2030 know what you are doing by completing this short form and join the growing ecosystem map of actors advancing this work. Navigate the map to see who and what else is out there.

Sign the Catalyst 2030 Open Letter – An Urgent Invitation to Shift Funding Practices

If you would like to take action in any of the initiatives please reach out to ines@catalyst2030.net

About Glynis Rankin:

Founder and CEO Glynis Rankin leads Creative Metier’s work with networks, organisations and funders to accelerate social and economic change globally.

Glynis has over 30 years of experience across leadership development, organisational strengthening and coaching in the international development, financial inclusion, entrepreneurial ecosystem and network development arenas. She is a strategic thought partner committed to enabling leaders to achieve their full potential and to address the complex challenges they face as their organisations change and grow.

She works to understand the uniqueness and complexity of each situation and leverages her deep experience to realise creative solutions for impact wherever she is engaged.

About Creative Metier:

Creative Metier equips leaders to navigate complex challenges and deliver ambitious systemic change, to power positive social and economic impact.

We provide bespoke solutions to transform leadership across networks, organisations and funders for equity, sustainability and impact.

Working as equals | Allies for change | Embracing complexity

About Catalyst 2030:

Catalyst 2030 is a global movement of social entrepreneurs and social innovators from all sectors who share the common goal of creating innovative, people-centred approaches to advance the Sustainable Development Goals.

Launched at the World Economic Forum in January 2020, Catalyst 2030 comprises more than 4,000 proven social innovators who are active in over 180 countries and who directly reach an estimated two billion people.