When we coach leaders who are working incredibly hard to drive positive change in the world we often see is that they leaders are under resourced. Yes, there is the common factor of being financially under resourced, but they also under resourced on a human level, in terms of access to personal development, validating peer relationships and support.

Group coaching is a powerful tool to change this and provide resourcing on a human level. Here we share with you how this transformative experience can support you as a leader, and as a human, seeking to realise positive change in the world.

A CEO shared their experience of a rapidly growing organisation and how the roles had evolved, some becoming bigger and more complex, some starting to become confused and overlapping. She shared how this was leading to tensions and differential performance amongst staff and how she wasn’t sure whether some of the staff were going to be able to evolve with the organisation.

A fellow CEO in the group recognised this feeling of tension and confusion and was able to shift how she was thinking about her own rapidly growing team and their roles and performance.

Through group coaching they were able to recognise parallels between their situation and others’, see that it was a stage of growth and not a personal leadership failing and identify a clear way forward.

1. You’re not alone, and it’s not just you!

One of the most profound benefits of group coaching is realising that you’re not alone. Leaders we meet through coaching often describe the isolation, tensions, sense of enormous felt responsibility to the team, the funders, their partners and beneficiaries. Through group coaching, you build deep connections with peers who share similar experiences. This connection enables you to normalise the challenges of leadership, it’s not personal, it’s just a natural and normal consequence of leading in your context. Knowing that others are navigating similar waters can be incredibly reassuring and free up mental energy for action.

2. Step out of the problem, and into the solution

Group coaching offers a supportive space where you can step out of the day to day noise, step out of the problem to see solutions and actions clearly. We are passionate advocates for a solutions focussed coaching approach. Group coaching creates a thinking space that allows you to step out of the problem, neutralise or address the ‘fight or flight’ which drains energy and diffuses thought. Coaches provide a safe, curious, and wholly supportive space for you to land and step forward. It’s not just about finding answers; it’s about creating the mental clarity to see the path ahead. When you’re able to rise above the detail, the solutions become more visible and the actions clear.

3. Build enduring peer relationships

The peer connections you build through group coaching evolve into deep and powerful relationships that last beyond the coaching sessions. These connections become a network of support, inspiration, and potential collaboration for the future. Also, as you hear and support others to articulate their challenges, so you build your own self awareness and the skills to coach others. The impact of seeing, feeling and then modelling the coaching skill set ripple outwards to your team and beyond.

4. Leverage collective wisdom and insights

The primary role of our coaches is to hold the coaching space as they walk alongside leaders navigating critical moments of change. When you engage in group coaching, you tap into the full breadth and depth of the coach’s expertise and experience. You also leverage the wisdom and insights of your peers, your personal community of values aligned leaders, with their diverse perspectives and contexts brought to bear.

5. Focus on outcomes and change

At the heart of group coaching is a commitment to enabling outcomes and change. The coaching space allows you to quiet the noise, focus on the solution, and build the self awareness, skills, and understanding needed to take action for change. It’s about more than just discussion; it’s about fundamentally changing how you see the possibilities for the way forward. Group coaching helps you to harness your potential, clarify your vision, and implement strategies that make a real difference.

6. Making It Easier for You to Change the World

The power of group coaching to provide the space, clarity, and support on a deeply human level, to free leaders to navigate the complexities of social impact leadership. It’s a journey of self awareness, connection, and transformation that empowers you to lead with renewed energy and purpose. In the end, it’s all about making it easier for you to change the world.

Leading Through Change: Group Coaching for Leaders Navigating Critical Moments

Our next cohort of Leading Through Change: Group Coaching for Leaders Navigating Critical Moments starts in September. This is a four month container of four to six senior leaders designed to support you to:

  • Become clear about your vision for the change and what needs to happen – who, when, how, what
  • Feel confident in your decision making and the direction you choose to take
  • Feel supported as you navigate the change
  • Be ready to take action and move forward in your time frame

Get in touch to express interest or find out more about joining the group.