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We work with locally led local, regional and global impact networks. Unlocking their potential to resolve complex social and economic challenges.

Our work aligns and focuses key stakeholders, deepens member engagement, and strengthens relationships to catalyse system level change that is sustainable and sustaining.

 Drawing on more than fifteen years of global experience, recent research and deep engagements with rural impacting networks across East and West Africa, our innovative and impactful interventions are designed to accelerate your network impact. Our work with each network is bespoke, we co-create the way forward together. Here are some examples of our work with vibrant networks.

Accelerate Your Network Impact (ANI)

ANI is a tailored, evidence based programme designed to walk you through every aspect of your current networks practice. We strengthen the most critical aspects of your work, implement impact measurement and management tools and work with you to identify and implement your priorities, accelerating social and economic impact.

Impact Measurement and Management 

Much of the work that impact networks undertake such as the careful building of relationships and trust, happens behind the scenes and is invisible to others. We offer tools and resources for effective impact measurement and management to enable communication of impact to key stakeholders.

Africa Networks

The rural impacting networks that participated in our research have come together to deepen learning and application of a networks approach. This offers a unique opportunity for mission aligned impact networks that have been introduced to this approach to share, access knowledge, support and collaborate.

Stakeholder Engagement

We engage partners and funders to collaborate in strengthening networks practice, improve access to resources, knowledge and sustainable business models for networks.

Implementation Support

We deliver high touch support to enable a rapid pivot and implementation of the networks approach and deepening of your member engagement.

Network Research

We conduct action research on impact networks to understand their challenges, articulate their impact and disseminate findings to a wider group of stakeholders.


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